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Chalkupy (pron. Chalk-Yoo-Pie) is an easily reproducible, political street art protest happening that speaks about social justice issues. This is the Chalkupy page of Naomi Pitcairn. I was not the first person to coin the word Chalkupy. Several people came up with it at around the same time. I am not the only person to Chalkupy either. It is a type of action rather than the creation of any particular individual. (see Urban Dictionary)

Corporate co-option of public space and media make it almost impossible for someone without billions of dollars to have a voice. With expression being more and more restricted, artists need to find space where they can be heard. The sidewalk is one of the only places that hasn’t been taken over by the corporate hegemony.

I began doing chalkupy events with a group called Fresh Juice Party that I was a founding member of back in 2011. Fresh Juice Party still chalks but they have moved into mostly a political musical group. We mapped our designs to the square’s pavers, using the existing grid as our guide. We use a handmade giant compass, triangles, t-squares, snap lines and Eternity Chalk which has the most colors. Everybody is welcome to participate by either working on the big picture with us or to do their own thing. We bring chalk, water and music for everyone who participates.

I have brought its my particular brand of artistic chalk rebellion to Oakland's Plaza, Los Angeles' Pershing Square, San Francisco's sidewalks, Monsanto's Davis Campus and Baltimore's Inner Harbor to date.